About Us

H2a is a revolutionary functional wellness brand. Heather & Sierra (mother/daughter) bring ancient traditions of herbal & botanical infusions for beauty rituals.​

They harvest, infuse and curate herbs and flowers into H2a Botanical's products with love, gratitude and authenticity to share with the global community. Herbal infusions and the use of flowers and oils have been a part of self-care rituals since the beginning of human history, healing the body, mind and spirit.  

The H2a product line is a skincare revolution with daily connection to the earth and a reminder of her healing qualities and wisdom.

Inspired by our collective background in infusions, aromatics, herbalism, botanicals and nutrition we are certain of the healing power of plants and are committed to pure & sustainable ingredients. We take a holistic approach to health and beauty.                 

Product sold online & through select retailers

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Sierra Goldstein & Heather Goldstein