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Our Top 5 Reasons Your Skin NEEDS a Facial Serum

Our Top 5 Reasons Your Skin NEEDS a Facial Serum   One of the biggest questions that I get asked is whether or not oils are safe to be used on the face. There is a lot of energy surrounding the idea that using oils on the face will cause and/or aggravate breakouts, clog pores,…

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6 Daily Rituals That Can Boost Your Self Care

A ritual, in its truest form, is any action that invokes sacred and healing energy into our lives. Rituals are deeply personal. The action itself doesn’t matter as much as what it symbolizes to you and the impact that it has on your life. Whether it’s completed in a group setting or is something that…

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From Skincare to Self-care

You have most likely heard us say that we are rooted in beauty rituals. To us, that means going beyond the idea of just taking care of the skin, and into the idea of using beauty products to form an intentional beauty ritual that supports and holds space for sacred self-care. Oh Self-care. You might be…

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Our 5 Favorite Rituals to De-Stress

Anyone else notice that stress, especially chronic stress, takes a MASSIVE toll on their skin? You are not alone. Stress, in particular the hormone released when we experience stress (cortisol), takes a major toll on the health of our brain, gut, and skin function. Large levels of stress in our bodies can cause beauty issues…

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Give to Yourself This Season

We get it. This time of year can be extremely hard. Between balancing work, loved ones, and preparing our homes for the holidays, very little of the day is left for self-care. We want you to know that you are worth the time that it takes to care for yourself. That even though carving out…

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3 Evening Rituals to Invoke Mindfulness & Peace

When I started including an evening ritual of gratitude and mindfulness I truly began to see transformation occur in my life. Taking the time to be intentional and self reflect allowed me sacred space to myself I hadn’t had before. Incorporating a ritual can feel overwhelming, so here are my 3 evening rituals to invite…

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How Do Tinctures Work?


How do our Alchemy Tinctures work? Plant material is submerged in an alcohol, or alcohol/water mix (depending on if the plant material is fresh or dry), menstruum, combined with crystals depending on the use, and allowed to infuse (steep) for a minimum of 8 weeks. In that time, the alcohol or alcohol/water mix extracts both…

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What are the true benefits of rituals?

bed sheets

We talk a lot about rituals here at H2a Botanicals, but what is a true ritual? The common definition of a ritual is: relating to or done as a religious or solemn rite. We truly do believe that it is your solemn rite to be well, physically + emotionally + spiritually. But what exactly does that…

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Why Use Oils in Beauty Rituals?

oil drops

We often get asked why we curate oil based products in our beauty rituals as opposed to creams. Our answer is simple: Many harsh cleansers and lotions dry out the skin, causing an over production of natural oils to compensate. Putting carefully curated and soothing oils on our skin allows time for regeneration and healing,…

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Botanical Facial Steam

botanical package

Did you know that our new Tea line can also be used as a botanical facial steam? To Use: Place 1-2 tablespoons of Be Well Tea into a large bowl, cover with 3-4 cups of boiling water. Drape a towel over your head to gently envelope your face with steam. Enjoy this spa like experience…

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Charging With Crystals

rocks and oil

Crystals have long been used for their energetic and healing benefits. Incorporating them into skincare rituals and wellness products elevates their healing constituents providing you with a unique and active modality with which you skin can heal. Different Crystals have different benefits, but overall they help to activate the skin in order to heal, help…

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Ingredient Spotlight: Sunflower Oil

facial cleanser

Sunflower Oil- Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil Sunflower oil is an effective emollient, which means that it helps the skin retain moisture. Thus, people with dry skin can benefit immensely from the regular use of the oil. Additionally, acne is caused when excess oil and sebum, that gets blocked in the follicles under the skin,…

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