Functional Beauty

  • The Science of Flowers

    Flowers… They represent life, love, beauty, and oftentimes, happiness. I have always been drawn to flowers- they seem to make me feel like if I am around them I embody everything that they represent. But, being my super nerdy and scientist (I use this term loosely) self, I wanted to know the WHY of the sensations and benefits that flowers supply.




    Plants filter our air for us, that much we know. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen through photosynthesis- supplying us with the oxygen needed to survive.   In addition, by using a process called phytoremediation plants help to remove chemicals and toxins from the air. Overall, having plants in your house filters and clarifies the air you and your family are living in.







    A research study out of the University of Stockholm found that having plants inside your home could also help fight illnesses such as the flue and the common cold. Their research showed a decrease in sore throats, coughs, low energy, etc.




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    Research out of the University of Kansas showed that plants:


    • Improve concentration
    • Improve Memory
    • Increase brain activity overall
    • Improve attention spans


    The most impressive finding was the fact that having plants indoor tended to increase creativity levels. Plants spark the area of the brain that helps to ignite creativity- MRI’s show this in research specific to creativity




    Studies have shown that employee morale improved, sick days decreased, and increased worker efficiency result from such workplace enhancements. Having plants within view of or on workstations decreased both illness and stress levels. One study found that workers with workstation views that included green elements were more satisfied at work and had more patience, less frustration, increased enthusiasm for work, and fewer health problems. Sign me up!


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    Overall the addition of flowers and plants into your everyday surroundings will help you live a more balanced, happy, and beautiful life.


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  • High Altitude Skincare

    High Altitude Skin Care


    If I put oil on my skin, wont I be oily? Breakout? These are good questions. Here is what I was taught:


    Our skin doesn’t produce lotion it produces oil. So, when we put oil on our skin it moisturizes in a way that allows our skin to “neutralize” meaning it doesn’t feel the need to overproduce moisture nor does it soak it in so fast that it only lasts 10 minutes.



    Having been born and raised in Colorado I tend to have a little bit of denial when it comes to how dry our climate is. Then every time I take a trip to the ocean I hydrate up-head back home- and can literally feel the moisture being sucked out of my skin as I walk off of the plane. That’s definitely not a fun reality check! Us high altitude dwellers know the horror of dry skin EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Why?


    There are 2 main reasons high altitude climates are harsh on the skin:


    1. We are closer to the sun, increasing our risk of burns and sun irritation.
    2. The air is actually dryer and contains less moisture



    Lucky for us there are ways to deeply hydrate and repair our skin.


    Before I got involved with H2a I was the type of person that would apply lotion in the morning, in the afternoon, and then again at night. I just never felt like my skin was hydrated and always felt irritated and itchy.


    Oil based moisturizers, rather than creams, will moisturize and will continue to keep you moisturized throughout the day. In particular we use olive oil in our products because it seeps into the deepest layer of skin to hydrate ALL of your skin.



    Products we specificaly suggest for deep hydration


    H2a’s Face&Body Elixir


    H2a’s Drench Sticks


    Both of these products contains deep penetrating hydration oils to repair and quench your skins thirst. Our olive oil will seep into the deepest layer of skin, while our grapeseed and almond oil gentle moisturize and work to repair your skins elasticity. What better way to treat your high altitude skin?


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  • Salve Yourself! The Dermal Repair your Skin Needs to Face the Elements Again!

    Heal Salve has not only become a key part of my daily beauty ritual, it has also found a home in my kitchen, purse and office. I find myself constantly recommending it to people for a slew of reasons and thought; it’s about time I share them with all of you!

    “The H2a Heal Salve worked miracles on my scraped and scarred face. Within weeks my skin was restored and new!” -Hannah French

    “The H2a Heal Salve worked miracles on my scraped and scared face. Within weeks my skin was restored and new!” -Hannah French


    1. Night cream

    (Combats breakouts & rejuvenates a tired complexion)

    The regenerating oil blend in this salve will leave you coming back for more. Olive Oil is a strong anti-oxidant; it works to fight free radicals and has wonderfully anti aging effects. Coconut oil is perfect for dermal repair, is deeply nourishing and has elasticizing effects on the skin. Sweet Almond Oil also adds elasticity, reduces redness, and softens the skin. And finally Vitamin E oil is yet another amazing anti-oxidant that protects and blocks free radicals from the skin.

    Calendula, Heartsease and White willow bark (part of the Heal Salve infusion), act to calm, soothe, stabilize and moisturize your skin. These herbs are also natural anti-inflammatories, helping to take down any swelling or irritations on and below the skins surface.

    1. Repair cracked hands & feet

    Perfect for the dry Colorado climate, Heal Salve is rich in oils and butters that will help to soften dry & damaged skin.

     Myrrh (one of the herbs in the Heal Salve infusion) is a natural astringent, antiseptic and anti-fungal that fosters fast healing.

    1. Apply to burns, cuts & scrapes

    Comfrey Root and plantain (herbs in the Heal Salve infusion), have been used since ancient times to heal stubborn wounds. There antispasmodic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are known to treat bites, burns, stings, rashes and cuts.

    1. Relieve irritation & itchy dry skin

    The rich oil blend is deeply moisturizing, keeping dry skin at bay.

    Calendula (an herb used in the Heal Salve infusion), is a vibrant yellow blossom that has a reputation for easing a variety of skin ailments. It works as an astringent, antiseptic, anti-fungal and an anti-inflammatory, to encourage rapid healing as it calms and soothes the skin.

    1. Reduce the appearance of scars

    Comfrey Leaf, encourages cell growth and repair, and is known to speed the healing of wounds. While Yarrow Flower & Leaf have been used for medicinal purposes since the time of the Neanderthals. This herb is rich in healing qualities. It staunches bleeding, aids in circulation, is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving.