Functional Beauty

  • What are the true benefits of rituals?

    We talk a lot about rituals here at H2a Botanicals, but what is a true ritual? 

    The common definition of a ritual is: relating to or done as a religious or solemn rite. We truly do believe that it is your solemn rite to be well, physically + emotionally + spiritually. But what exactly does that mean and how can we curate rituals to achieve this balance? 

    Rituals for PHYSICAL Well-Being


    We all know that taking care of our physical body is important. What we put in our body, what we put on our body, and the way in which we interact with our body all contribute to how well we feel. It can feel overwhelming to think about all of the things that we need to do to take care of ourselves, we are here to help.

    There are intentional practices involving food, products, and movement that we can incorporate into our daily lives that aide in stress relief, bodily regeneration, and physical wellbeing. 

    • Mindful Eating: We live in a society where mealtime rituals take a backseat, and quickly prepared food on the go is the staple. Taking the time to cook your meal, sit down at the table, and savor your meal is directly linked to a higher appreciation for your food, and tunes you in with your bodies natural hunger cues. This article teaches you more about 5 simple ways you can incorporate eating mindfully into your daily rituals. 
    • Beauty Rituals: Carefully picking your skincare products, and adapting a ritual around them is crucial to taking care of your skin. And, it doesn't have to be complicated! The daily love that you show your skin by using natural and chemical free products will serve you in the long run. Plus, it is a unique opportunity to take the time for intentional self-care. Shop our daily beauty rituals here
    • Intentional Movement: Exercise is important yes. But the intention behind the way that you are moving your body is just as important as the movement itself.  Instead of picking exercise rituals that make you unhappy, find something that uplifts your soul. Yoga, hiking, weight lifting... it doesn't matter! Whatever gets your body moving and your heart full.

    Rituals for MENTAL Well-Being

    This can be one of the more difficult rituals to adapt. Taking care of our mental health takes work, constant adaptation, and awareness. There are many different types of rituals that you can infuse into your life that will aide in relieving stress and mental fatigue, but here are some of our favorites. 

    • Meditation: According to this article by Self magazine, "Meditating actually changes your brain, and with it, the way your body responds stress. Which works wonders on depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder." Small amounts of daily meditation can work to rewire your brain and build up your immunity to stress and fatigue. 
    • Ritual Baths: Ritual baths can work to cleanse your aura, remove negative energy, and improve the quality of your mental state. These restorative practices are easy to infuse into your daily life. Plus, it sets a relaxing space that can aide with anxiety, depression, and insomnia! Click here to read more. 
    • Gratitude: Although it may seem silly, taking a few minutes every morning and evening to go through a list of things you are grateful for can change your perspective on the things that may weigh you down on a daily basis. 

    Rituals for SPIRITUAL Well-Being

    You do not have to be religious to have a spiritual ritual. Although church and other organized religion practices are some ways people find solace, others find it in nature, quality time with loved ones, and many other avenues. Finding the things that make you feel fulfilled, loved, and seen can help to improve your sense of belonging and spiritual wellness. This is truly a category where you get to decide what works, and what you want to adapt into your daily life.


    Overall, rituals should be daily acts that bring your solace and peace. Do you have a favorite ritual? Let us know! 

  • Why Use Oils in Beauty Rituals?

    We often get asked why we curate oil based products in our beauty rituals as opposed to creams. Our answer is simple: Many harsh cleansers and lotions dry out the skin, causing an over production of natural oils to compensate. Putting carefully curated and soothing oils on our skin allows time for regeneration and healing, while also allowing our oil glands to neutralize (neither over or under producing).
  • Botanical Facial Steam

    Did you know that our new Tea line can also be used as a botanical facial steam? To Use: Place 1-2 tablespoons of Be Well Tea into a large bowl, cover with 3-4 cups of boiling water. Drape a towel over your head to gently envelope your face with steam.  Enjoy this spa like experience for 10-15 min, allowing the herbs and botanicals to cleanse and rejuvenate. When finished you can reuse this floral water by combining it with our Active Clay Detox mask for extra purification and exfoliation benefits.
    This blend of soothing herbs such as rosehips, chamomile, and red clover work together to rejuvenate your skin cells and reduce inflammation. The result? Radiant glowing skin.
  • Charging With Crystals

    Crystals have long been used for their energetic and healing benefits. Incorporating them into skincare rituals and wellness products elevates their healing constituents providing you with a unique and active modality with which you skin can heal. Different Crystals have different benefits, but overall they help to activate the skin in order to heal, help to combat skin damaging free radicals, and increase cellular production within the skin.
    Here are some of our favorites:

    Bloodstone: Known for its detoxifying, stimulatory, and anti-inflammatory properties. Was traditionally used to heal skin rashes and fight infection. It also aids in the healing of bad energy, anxiety, and depression.

    Selenite: Selenite draws negative energy away from the body, kind of like a spiritual detox. It's the recommended stone to use to address specific skin concerns such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or really dry skin. Selenite aids in clearing the energetic body of blockages which may be manifesting as a skin issue.

    Aquamarine: Cool blue aquamarine is a cooling stone in more than one way. Aquamarine can cool anger and fear. This gem also cools down (alleviates) the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, hives, allergic rashes, rosacea, and psoriasis, and it may also help prevent outbreaks of herpes. Removing the aggravating factor or factors and supporting physical calming will naturally result in smoother skin surface. It also has cell regenerative properties to improve new cell growth and skin longevity.

    Emerald: One of the most powerful skin gems, Emeralds have powerful healing properties that help to fight off energy blockages, and has very powerful anti-oxidant properties to help fight off damage from free radicals, sun, and environmental factors.