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What Is Ritual Based Beauty?

Oct 26, 2018

What is ritual based beauty? We get a lot of questions about why we call our products/product lines beauty rituals as opposed to just skincare products. Here is what it means to us: We feel the that oftentimes, the lifestyle that we lead is “mass produced”. There are few, if any, objects or experiences throughout…

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detox mask

3 Ways To Use Our Active Clay Detox Mask

Oct 19, 2018

3 Ways To Use The Active Clay Detox Mask There is no question, our Active Clay Detox mask mixes some of the most luxurious clays, herbs, essential oils, and medicinal powders to draw out toxins and revitalize your skin. Because it conveniently comes packaged as a loose powder, you have the freedom to choose what…

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avenue 15 article

H2a Botanicals Magic

Aug 14, 2018

Check out Avenue 15’s article on us. We are so grateful!

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AVENUE15: Ancient Traditions, Modern Beauty Rituals: The Magic of Wellness Brand H2a Botanicals

Jul 2, 2018

The words “tradition” and “innovation” seem to almost always be in a state of constant war with one another, each attracting its own camp of staunch supporters. There are, of course, the few who seek to find middle ground, asking the question, “How can traditions be honored whilst still making room for innovation, advancement and…

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Denver Post: Rep. Jared Polis gives Loveland startup a boost

Aug 2, 2017

Congressman visits Loveland’s Herbal Heart Apothecary, other Northern Colorado businesses LOVELAND — Rep. Jared Polis stopped in Loveland on Tuesday to talk shop with the founders of a natural skin-care company on a day that he was highlighting startup businesses. The 2nd District’s Democratic congressman toured several small Northern Colorado companies as part of Startup…

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garden flowers

H2a Skincare | A link in the chain of being

Feb 2, 2017

Today is Imbolc day. As we say goodbye to the frost and welcome spring, I can’t help but reflect on the Roots of Herbal Heart Apothecary. Strong, deep, connected roots…. H2a is not your average skincare brand. We are in gratitude to the ancient Celts whose traditions we practice through herbal infusions. We are in…

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Catalyst Wedding Co.: Keeping It Real With Herbal Heart Apothecary

Aug 8, 2016

H2a started with a warrior of a woman. She was a sword fighter and an herbalist. Her two worlds intertwined when she began creating herbal infusions to soothe the bruises and aches caused by physically demanding martial arts. She grew herbs and formulated skincare products for more than 20 years and eventually passed her knowledge…

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regeneration serum

Aging Gracefully

Jul 29, 2016

We are bombarded with the words anti-aging and collagen breakdown on a daily basis. Magazines, radio shows, and the beautiful people on T.V. always tell us that we are aging and it needs to be stopped or slowed- that we have done something wrong that is causing us to age faster or sooner. This oftentimes…

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regeneration serum with ice

The Cold Beauty Ritual for a Clear Complexion

Jul 10, 2016

Are you icing your face? At H2a we wish summer would last forever. The constant sunshine, gardening, and exploring Colorado never gets old to us. However, there is something the Colorado winters do for our skin that summer doesn’t. The cold and icy winds may be chillier than summer heat, but the cold actually helps…

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