Infusing  life with herbs, botanicals
& crystals for total well-being

Our Founders

About Sierra Goldstein

It’s safe to say that H2a Botanicals’ founder Sierra Goldstein’s passion for natural skincare and green beauty has been a lifelong affair. At the young age of 14 she began formulating products out of her home kitchen, creating an array of cleansers, masks, scrubs, facial oils, and more using whatever organic and wildcrafted ingredients she could get her hands on. Over the years that followed, Sierra evolved beyond her home kitchen, fully coming into her own as a holistic beauty formulator on a mission to inspire beauty in others from the inside-out. Sierra has studied intensively with herbalists and received an education in Natural Products Manufacturing, directly applying that knowledge to her own consciously crafted brand, H2a Botanicals, which she officially finished formulating in 2018. Combining sacred rituals, pure ingredients, crystals, and an intentional lifestyle, Sierra aims to deliver a brand truly unlike any other, helping people not only see, but feel results in skin and soul.

About Heather Goldstein


About Amanda

Amanda Garrett, Co Owner and Experience & Creative Director of H2a grew up on an acreage in Nebraska, where her parents taught her how to grow organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Infusing these organic ingredients into their daily routine, taking care of mind, body, and spirit was a way of life for her family. Amanda has continued to expand her knowledge of organic ingredients, learning about the benefits of plants and how they can be used to enhance wellbeing.

After spending several summers working in a greenhouse, she found herself a job at the only apothecary in town, a rare gem in rural NE. She joyously spent her days learning to make different self-care products and specialized in aromatherapy. As an adult, Amanda has held leadership positions working in health centers, salons and spas across the country. She plays an integral role enriching small businesses and encouraging grassroots growth through her expertise in media and curated marketing.

After moving to Colorado, she was ready to fuse her love for organics and holistic beauty into products & services that could help others live healthier, more natural lives. Amanda found herself incredibly aligned with H2A’s brand; a brand that embodies an intentional lifestyle by creating handmade products that combine sacred rituals, pure ingredients, crystals, and environmentally friendly business practices. Amanda wishes to drive the core values of H2a with her own deeply ingrained beliefs - hoping to inspire others to put themselves first and dedicate time to self-care. Amanda's passion is to share this life of beauty and intention with the world around her!