About H2a

Our Story


Inspired by our collective background in infusions, aromatics, herbalism, and botanicals, we are certain of the healing power of plants and are committed to pure and sustainable ingredients. We take a holistic approach to health and beauty, striving to transform mundane skincare routines into luxurious and sacred beauty ritual practices.

Working on the mind, body, and spirit, H2a Botanicals is more than just a revolution in beauty products; it’s an intimate way to create a connection with Mother Earth every day, tapping into her healing qualities and listening intently to the wisdom she shares. We have banded together to bring to the world an herbal, botanical, and crystal infused line that helps the skin feel invigorated and alive. But this particular journey goes above and beyond the skincare products. Cultivating rituals and providing space for true self-love and wellness is nothing short of what our bodies crave and deserve. Each earth-inspired and sacred formulation has all of our love, authenticity, and gratitude.

We believe that you are worth the time and energy it takes to be well. And we want to support you on that journey.

Your ritual awaits...

Our Philosophy

You are beautiful, worthy, and unique — and we believe that your beauty products should mirror the essence of who you truly are. Working from a space that we like to call the “seed to soul” experience, all of our ingredients, processes, and operations stem from the essence of soul and sacred and are then sent out into the world. We strive to maintain authenticity, because we truly love you and want to provide the best quality experience that we can. Starting this business has taught us that true beauty comes from within, and is powered by our connection to ourselves and our community. You are an integral part of that community, and inspire us on a daily basis to work towards bettering ourselves. You are what makes this magic, and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

About Us

Sierra Goldstein

It’s safe to say that H2a Botanicals’ founder Sierra Goldstein’s passion for natural skincare and green beauty has been a lifelong affair. At the young age of 14 she began formulating products out of her home kitchen, creating an array of cleansers, masks, scrubs, facial oils, and more using whatever organic and wildcrafted ingredients she could get her hands on.

Over the years that followed, Sierra evolved beyond her home kitchen, fully coming into her own as a holistic beauty formulator on a mission to inspire beauty in others from the inside-out.

Sierra has studied intensively with herbalists and received an education in Natural Products Manufacturing, directly applying that knowledge to her own consciously crafted brand, H2a Botanicals, which she officially finished formulating in 2018.Combining sacred rituals, pure ingredients, crystals, and an intentional lifestyle, Sierra aims to deliver a brand truly unlike any other, helping people not only see, but feel results in skin and soul.