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Archive for May 2016

Advice From a Bride


Wild Flowers, family, and celebrations of love are what this summer is all about. Rain storms have turned Colorado into a lush landscape, overflowing with tall grasses and flowers, all of which are getting me excited for the months to come.  I will be getting married amongst those tall grasses and wildflowers, surrounded by family…

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Summer Beauty Tips

Read below to hear from Sierra Goldstein. She shares some tips and tricks to stay healthy and beautiful during summer!  As spring comes to an end, summer flourishes with its beauty, sunshine, and radiance! With summer comes an abundance of energy, both in nature and ourselves. The air feels alive with life, the trees and…

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A Cleanse for the Bride and her Mom to kick of this wedding Season Right!

green velvet mask

3 Day Cleanse + H2a Skincare In honor of Brides and Mother’s Day, we have joined forces with Wunder Juice to start you off on the right foot this Wedding Season. Last summer I was a Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, and The Bride… 8 weddings in total. So when I say, “I understand the…

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The Science of Flowers

plant filtration

Flowers… They represent life, love, beauty, and oftentimes, happiness. I have always been drawn to flowers- they seem to make me feel like if I am around them I embody everything that they represent. But, being my super nerdy and scientist (I use this term loosely) self, I wanted to know the WHY of the…

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Summer, Food, and Fun

flower bouquet

Summer is about endless flowers and herbs, collecting, collaborating, connecting with new and old friends, cruising on bikes, fireworks and PIE !!!! I adore the summer and what it brings forth for the life in the spirit of the H2a Lifestyle. Riding around on my cruiser  gathering herbs and flowers for our products from my…

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Flowers for Well-Being

pink flower bouquet

As I am sitting here designing and contemplating my 2016 gardens it reminds of my deeply rooted love for flowers, herbs, and plants. I reminisce in the peace they bring into my life by simply beautifying my surroundings, and my over all well being. It has been studied that there are links between flowers/plants and…

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2016 Dreaming

herbal heart apothecary

The last few years have been jam packed with life lessons. I have learned a great deal about the world within me, and the world around me and in 2016 I am looking forward to a bit of Balance. Resolution #1: Meditate … Something I know is good for me that I often neglect to…

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Gypsetter’s Guide to Wholehearted Living


Gypsetter’s Guide to Wholehearted living Gratitude, Love and Authenticity are what it’s all about at H2a. We crave the lifestyle that is wholehearted living, and for me travel is key. The H2a Travel Promotion this month was a great reminder that I have been neglecting myself and prompted a quick trip to the mountains. Step 1 Travel:…

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Stress Relief

relaxing in bath tub

One of our favorite things to do after a long day is to take a long relaxing bath. Try this: Run hot water into tub Add a little warrior oil (for sore and tense muscles) Add your favorite flavor of complexion oil (for a scent that relaxes you) Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Use this time…

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